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If you want your book marketing to stand out, our videos will do that

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Book trailers and teasers can be placed onto websites such as Youtube and Vimeo, we can also host them for you on our Vimeo Pro account, which will allow you to place a clickable link at the end of the video.

They work very well on social media, websites and as part of a virtual book tour.

It seems that there are many more booktrailers starting to find their way onto the internet, and this is a great thing as it utilises something which is fast taking over the web, something which will soon be dominating.

Unfortunately, the majority of these trailers are no more than slideshows, with images and music.

What We Offer

We create high quality motion videos primarily, though we can also create live-action videos. All our book trailers and book teasers include the licenses for any of the elementsincluded.

The important part of this to remember, is that we create professionally produced videos, with full licensing, meaning that you will not find yourself risking the possibility of being forced to remove your video or, possibly, being sued for breach of copyright.

With a history in independent film making, we have the experience that goes into our book trailers, using the skills we put into our films directly into each book trailer.

The difference between a book trailer and a book teaser is the length of the video itself and the content. A trailer will simply show the book, author & availability, while a book trailer will go into more depth.

Book Teaser Example

Book Trailer Example

Book Teaser Example

Book Trailer Example

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You receive a copy of the video to be uploaded wherever you want to and we can host the video for you on our Vimeo account. We will also provide you with all the licensing information.


Many of the slideshow trailers are made up of images found on Google and the same with the audio. Many of these images are not licensed to be used for this purpose and it is illegal to do so.

This can mean that you may be forced to remove your video and may face criminal proceedings, so always check that the license is included and ask to be provided with this license information.