Affiliate Program


We had to come to a decision when it came to the type of advertising that we would do. We could pay these big companies money to advertise for us, or we could pay you, the people who support small companies like ourselves, instead.

Actually, it wasn’t much of a  decision at all.

We have been discussing doing this for some time, but we wanted it to be as easy to use and professional as everything else we do, which is why it has taken longer than expected to make it available to you.

We can now introduce our new affiliate program, which enables you to earn an unlimited amount of money by simply telling others about what we do.  This is something that those who have used our services tend to do anyway, so you may as well get something for it.

We say up to 30%, so your first question is what does that really mean?

We have five levels of affiliate, and everybody starts on level one, then as you earn more money, you will rise in the levels, which means earn more money for the same thing.

We see it as being the same as working for any business. The more money you make in sales, the more we value this, and give you a pay rise as a thank you.


10% Referral Rate


15% Referral Rate

After Earning $250


20% Referral Rate

After Earning $1000


25% Referral Rate

After Earning $10000


30% Referral Rate

After Earning $25,000


At its simplest, you will find a link to our home page in your affiliate area. If you use this, then any sales that come from those who have clicked on your linked will be applicable to you.

For example, if somebody clicks on your link and then purchases ten author PA hours, costing $100, then we will pay you $10 (10%).  Once you reach the top level, if they were to do the same thing, we would pay you $30 (30%).

You don’t have to stick to just using the link for the home page.  We have provided you with banners that can be used, you can click on one of the social media buttons on your affiliate page and it will automatically be attached to you or you can use our special link creator, which enables you to create an affiliate link from any page on our website.