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Dylan Casa del Lobos is a lifelong horseman, who has a passion for writing and telling a good story. In his travels across North America, Ireland, and Europe he has met thousands of horsemen and tens of thousands of horses.

His characters are drawn from this rich group of semi-civilized renegades, who often tread a narrow margin between common sense and epic disaster. If you like a good story, told by an unpretentious author, get a book and join Dylan for a few hours. He’d rather tell you the story in person, with wolves howling in the background, while sitting around a campfire in the high and lonesome country he calls home, but it is more practical for you to buy a book, until we meet up around a campfire in the future.

In the meantime, take a deep seat and a faraway look, and if you feel your horse getting ready to buck, be ready to ride.

I hope you enjoy the read. Dylan

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