After writing, editing and proofreading are the most important parts of preparing your book for publication


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When we edit your book, we have three run-throughs.

The first one allows us to find the problem areas and report back to you on these. You can then work on these areas, take what we say, completely ignore us or ask for further information on our notes.

When we receive the book back from you, we will then go through the book again, looking for anything that may have been missed the first time and looking at the edits that you have made.

Again, you then have the opportunity to make changes based on our notes.

If you have also ordered proofreading, we will do this after the edits to the second read-through has been returned to us.

The third read-through is then made as a reader. We will read through your book as a reader would do, and make notes on anything that we come across, but this is usually just a simple process of seeing how it goes as the first two edits will have bought up any problems.

Writing can be a tough job, we know this from experience, but it doesn’t have to be something that you do on your own.  In fact, when it comes to editing and proofreading, it is something that you definitely should never do yourself due to typo blindness where you know what it should be saying, so you don’t see what it actually does say.

You could ask somebody in your family or a friend to do this for you, but are you sure that they will be totally honest with you?  They may feel that they are doing the right thing by being nice and saying that it is great, but being nice does not help you provide your readers with what they want – a readable book with no grammatical or content errors.

We offer editing & proofreading and both are available separately or as a package, these are available for both fiction and non-fiction, though please note that we do not offer these services for poetry.


Our editing service provides you with three full read-throughs of your book, checking for any problems that may arise. It is surprising how many small problems that occur within a book, but even more surprising just how many big problems rear their ugly heads.  We have come across all manner of problems, from characters suddenly changing their name halfway through the book, to changes in geography suddenly taking place.


Our proofreading service will check your book for grammatical errors, ensuring that your book is ready for either publication, if you are self-publishing, or for sending to a publisher.  You should always wait to do your proofreading, ensuring that your book is how you want it to be.  This is because as soon as you add more to your book, you will find that new errors will show themselves, so leaving this until the very end, we are able to provide you with a final product that is publish-ready.  We offer this service in both English & American – yes, they can be very different.